About me

My name is Lesedi Masisi, i was raised and groomed by the people of the Northern Cape province in South Africa in the Kgalagadi region. While a young boy i used to play and make cars from the fence wire. This was a common game with other boys in the hood. However i believe it was from this game of making an playing with cars made out of fence wire that i became interested in engineering. While at high school i developed an interest in physical science and was challenged by my physical science teacher (Mr Nsamba) to question concepts in the books if they did not match with reality. For example, one day we had done an experiment at school where the result was ‘x’, however when i went to the book the book said the result should be ‘y’. I then asked Mr Nsamba(my physical science teacher) if i was to write an exam which answer was i supposed to give, the one from the boo or the one from the experiment. He then said: “what did you see?”, and i said ‘x’, then he said i should give an answer I saw. Being a young boy and hence believing everything writtern in the books, after my encounter with my science teacher, i began to question the truthfulness of the books i read. I then developed an interest to become a physicist and i read somewhere that it is possible via electronic engineering. I also got used to playing with small electrical motors which are normally used in the small remote controlled cars. The idea of university studies was never there, however through my immediate society(school teachers, neighbors, etc) that dream became conceivable.

I enrolled for electrical engineering at the Witwatersrand University. My plan was to get my degree go work for some company. I never thought i would ever embark on a Master’s degree however i believe God had a different plan for me. Through a great influence of Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, i was able to enroll for a masters degree in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Being supervised by him for my mastered continued to distort my plans, i found myself interested in a PhD degree. Prof Tshilidzi Marwala is a passionate man about education, i hope i will some day also contribute to society through my education. After my studies i was privileged to work for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under the Modeling and Digital Science Department. However after two years at CSIR i was accepted for a PhD study at Concordia University in Canada.

While at Wits i met with great friends, i will not name them lest i forget one of them and hence get myself into trouble. I also met a very kind missionary family from Korea under the University Bible Fellowship (UBF). It is discipleship making ministry mainly focused on University students with a great passion to fulfill Jesus command to his disciples, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”–Matthew 28:19.  Through their guidance i was also appointed/anointed a Shepherd, in simple terms i was officially recognized by the ministry to serve bible studies with other University students. Here is my blog on other issues i have written about: my blog.


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